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More Diablo IV

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I've been trudging through the icy, snowy, muddy, and... goopy? lands of Sanctuary for a few days now in Diablo IV.

My big old bear man, Fergal, is just mauling enemies, casting lightning, and calling down ravens to deal with the demons, skeletons, wargs, and clans.

He also looks rather ridiculous - borderline like he's never seen a human dress before, wearing such a weird mix of garments.

I'm working through the campaign, helping Nyrelle figure out what's happened to her mother. Dragging me all over the map, she is.

The side quests have had excellent flavor. I'm about to assist in another exorcism, actually. (Poor Vasek.) Linda Blair is somewhere with a mouthful of pea soup.

I do feel like I'm just mashing buttons most of the time, but I've been told that's normal. Is it?

Given how snowy the whole zone I'm in seems so far, I'm wondering how this Midwinter Blight event will work. Like, yinz, it's already a blizzard up in here.

But we're getting... moar blizzard?

Will there be reindeer? A grinch? Cousin Edvard emptying his caravan outhouse into a storm sewer leading into the bowels of Hell?

I digress.

The Dread Martyr quest line was quite fun. All sorts of interesting stuff in that. Crazy half-dead knights sending you off to certain death if it weren't for epic button mashing.

Reverend Mother Prava sent me on a pilgrimage with Vigo. I got to meet Father Inarius. (He's fun!) But no blessing for me.

I'm killing beasts and mounting heads. Getting some swag for my troubles. Really, all in all, this game is a lot of fun, and I just hit level 30 last night.

As I mentioned to a friend last night, I am sure I'm missing out on a lot of optimization in Diablo IV right now given that I'm really just adventuring on my own without a clan or party. I see that I have gear that has sockets, but those sockets remain empty as of writing.

I can see where I might be disappointed with the game if I had eagerly awaited its launch. Even as a super casual player, I can see some of the "cracks" that could lead to larger issues down the road.

And, as much as it pains me to link anything published by Dexerto, there is indeed something lonely about Diablo IV.

I guess it's all in what you're looking for. I didn't come to Diablo IV for a community - I've already got that in WoW. I'm here for a new experience. And there is a lot of good here in that way.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to make some Diablo friends (add me on Bnet if you're out there - Calcas#1125) with whom I could roll through Sanctuary. My point is that I am playing with different expectations than perhaps long-time fans of the franchise.

Playing on the Xbox One also makes in-game communications a bit difficult as I don't have a miniature keyboard attached to my console. I can't communicate with folks in the open world easily. Voice chat is fine, so the Discord integration is a plus.

With season 3 of Dragonflight going live later today, I don't think I will have as much time to spendin Sanctuary for a few weeks. I'll still be running around now and again, but I'll be putting in more hours in WoW with raiding, M+, and the like.

I am happy to have Diablo IV available, though, as that change of pace. Its aesthetics are different from WoW, and its vibe is quite different. (Although it does scratch that itch for a fan of the undead.)

More eventually. Travel safe.

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