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10.2 is Live!

World of Warcraft’s 10.2 patch: Guardians of the Dream went live on Tuesday. This new patch brings a lot of new content to us - huzzah!

We are able to get through the 4th chapter of the new campaign this week, and many folks are pushing to get to renown 10 with The Dream Wardens in order to unlock the reusable augment rune.

A number of classes have significant changes to their talent trees. For those of you out there who are healers, I might suggest having a look at discipline priest. The changes there are pretty neat. (I’ll still be playing holy, though, at least for the beginning of the tier.)

Also, shout out to LBNinja. His YouTube healing guide is really great. Give it a watch.

There are some excellent quests available in the new zone. I especially enjoyed the quest chain with Lillian Voss and Shandris Feathermoon. I won’t include any spoilers here, but it is nice to see the continuing efforts to bridge the faction divide as WoW moves forward into bigger problems.

Lady Moonberry makes an appearance, too. I missed that little trickster. I hope she puts on another play.

The new world events are interesting enough at the moment: the Superbloom, planting seeds and contributing to their growth with more seeds and dew drops, and some dew drop frenzy thing that I don’t quite understand.

The Superbloom is at the top of every hour. The seeds being planted in fertile soil are available pretty much all of the time; folks have been kind enough to announce locations in general chat thus far. And, again, I just know the dew drop frenzy event shows up on the map.

There are also a number of rares and treasures around the zone for you to engage. Some of the treasures require a bit of work, which I don’t always love, but I suppose it adds a bit of flavor.

There are new Overgrown [insert herb name here] that become little treant/pikmin looking creatures when you click on them. And then you need to click on them again in order to loot the herbs.

And for inscription (woeful inscription), there are some new glyphs to collect and to learn. They are, though, bind on pickup, and so you’ll need to craft these as crafting orders. No simple selling on the auction house for you!

For M+ folks, it looks like keystones will deplete by 11 next week from your best timed keystone this week. If you’re especially sweaty, you can try to get a 20 in so that you’ll start out with a 9 next week. (I’m content to take the 5 or 6 or whatever I get, to be honest.)

If you are a pet battler, there are a bunch of new pets. They’re cute. Get out there, Ash Ketchum!

Finally, be sure to get your new dragon glyphs. Dragonriding is a bit tetchy in the new zone with all of the tree branches in the way, but they’re relatively easy to spot. (Or, like me, you can cheat.

Keep the wind in your sails. For Azeroth!

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