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World of Warcraft and Thanksgiving

Turkey from World of Warcraft

I associate World of Warcraft with Thanksgiving more than any other holiday given it released on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving back in 2004. I remember excusing myself from Thanksgiving dinner to log in to play. That did not go over well.

Over the years, November seems to be a busy month for expansion releases and new patch releases, too. And then we've had the in-game Pilgrim's Bounty event since Wrath of the Lich King.

Side note: Remember to get your Spirit of Sharing buff by eating 5 helpings of each food available at the Pilgrim's Bounty tables either outside of capitals or right by the flight master in Valdrakken. It's a 10% experience and reputation buff that stacks with the WoW 19th anniversary buff.

I have definitely spent more time hunting turkeys in game than I have in real life. In fact, I've never been turkey hunting in real life, so there's no comparison. For what it's worth, I recommend Tirisfal Glades as your turkey hunting area in game. It's more open than the other options and has less murlocs.

Today, though, as I prepare to host Thanksgiving dinner (and definitely won't be able to excuse myself to log in to run a M+ dungeon), I just want to share that I'm thankful for World of Warcraft and all of the people who are a part of it. I'm thankful for my family and friends. And I'm thankful for mashed potatoes and gravy. (Seriously - they're the star of Thanksgiving dinner.) I'm thankful for you all who take the time to read this blog, too!

Rather than ramble on, I'll ask all of you reading: What are you thankful for today in WoW, gaming, and/or in life? Comment below!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today. Don't forget to have some pumpkin (or perhaps pecan) pie. Thanks for reading. For Azeroth!

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