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World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, Tirisfal Glades

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery undead priest
Vichysoisse, an undead priest.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery adventures continue!

I've joined a guild called SOUP. The absurdity of their recruitment ad spoke to my geriatric millennial and Vanilla veteran heart.

I obviously had to make a character to fit the theme.

Meet Vichyssoise, the undead priest.

I still have Calcas, the tauren shaman, over at the inn in The Crossroads in The Barrens. He's having a nap at present, but I'll be picking back up with his quests tonight.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery tauren shaman
Calcas the tauren shaman is a sleepy boi.

I'm sure it will take most of the evening to find four Zhevra hooves... IYKYK.

I have to say that while I thought the runes for shaman were fun, the runes for priest make playing noticeably easier and leveling more enjoyable. So far I have acquired the rune for penance and then the rune for homunculi. The latter is amazing.

Look at my little mini-mes in action:

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery undead priest
Vichyssoise's homunculi attack a nasty spider.

For me, there will always be something really nostalgic about Tirisfal Glades and how utterly macabre it is. The non-playable characters (NPCs) are sardonic at times while utterly serious at others (particularly regarding The Scarlet Crusade). There are reminders everywhere of the bloodshed and violence of battles past and ongoing.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery undead priest
Vichyssoise inspecting a hanged body in Venomweb Vale.

Tirisfal Glades is not an easy zone to navigate, and, to my mind, it's one of the zones that best reminds you of the proximity of death at any time in World of Warcraft Classic, particularly as a lower-level character.

The Family Crypt quest that takes novice forsaken through Agamand Mills into the Agamand family crypt for example, is a veritable death trap. As soon as you kill Captain Dargol and retrieve his skull, the place is full up again with Rotting and Wailing Ancestors attempting to keep your body there with them for all of eternity.

During my time there yesterday, I witnessed a fellow undead priest, Bonelyfans (A+ name, by the way) succumb to ancestor aggro at least three times. I did save him the run back and resurrect him, which is something more folks need to do. Run backs are brutal in Classic.

At this point of my adventures as Vichyssoise, I'm nearly ready to move on into Silverpine Forest. This means I get to return to perhaps one of my favorite areas in all of WoW: The Sepulchre.

First, though, I had to stop by The Undercity to turn in the single Waylaid Supplies I am able to carry. Others have been advocating on the forums/reddit to make it so we can carry more than one of these items, and given that I had to leave at least three unlooted on corpses because I already had one in my bags, I think I agree. The rewards are not so great to not make this change.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery undead priest
Vichyssoise posing in front of The Ruins of Lordaeron before entering into The Undercity.

Before I can leave Tirisfal Glades, I have one last Scarlet Crusade quest from Executor Zygand in Brill. I should go and complete that.

One last thought, I really appreciate the developers for Season of Discovery level capping at 25 for this first season. It allows me (and other players, I'll assume) to not feel rushed, needing to get to 60 as fast as possible. There is time to experience the quests, the zones, your fellow players - there's time to discover. I absolutely love it. 11/10.

If you happen to be playing World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery on Wild Growth - NA, feel free to hit me up. You can add me on at Calcas#1125. And I've begun to stream some of my questing through SoD over on Twitch as CalcasOOM. Drop in and say hello!

And with that, I'm just about OOM. Time to find some Ice Cold Milk I suppose.

Thanks for reading. For Azeroth!

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